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Community features available

by Carlos Zamith on Jan.07, 2010, under Mapitol Project

We are announcing today a major site upgrade. The community features are now available: It is now possible to automatically edit the index tree with tools for adding new folders and copy, move and delete existing ones. It’s also possible to change online the order in which the links appear in each folder. All these revision topics are submitted to an online voting process by the community and will be accepted or rejected accordingly. Users Grades automatically increase with their participation allowing for quicker execution. Registered users can select their favorite folders and browse a tree with only selected subjects. Users can share their tree of favorites to easily find other interesting subjects and find users with same interests. Each folder as a forum for exchanging information and discuss the Folder’s subject. Very soon it will be possible to chat with other users.

We consider this as a major step in making Mapitol a reference site for finding on every subject the best Internet content and other users interested in the same subject.

Please let us know your comments and suggestions by email ( or in the discussion topics of the Mapitol Site.

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Mapitol Site launched

by Carlos Zamith on Sep.09, 2009, under Mapitol Project

Mapitol Site is being launched today at

Still in beta version, not yet with the tens of millions of subjects intended.

What is completed and enabled:

  • Areas mostly developed are Astronomy and Philosophy;
  • Several other subjects are in development, namely History, Physics and Country Index;
  • Users can submit changes to the Index tree structure and the web page listings on each subject;
  • 4.2 million Folders, 391,000 unique subjects, 1.3 million links, 910,000 expressions (many millions searchable combinations).

Features that soon will be enabled:

  • Social networks associated with each subject: User sign up to facilitate folder and link management and a forum and chat section for each subject;
  • Development of every major subject.

In the medium-term we intend that every subject with related web pages will be properly categorized in the Index tree structure with corresponding best web page listings. This full development will depend on the evolution of the project as well as in the success of finding the right funding for it (investor contacts are welcome).

We hope that from now on, although in beta version, Mapitol can be a very useful tool for many users to find relevant information in Internet in a structured and organized way.

Feedback is most valuable to us to improve our services and our web site. Please leave your comments, suggestions and queries in our forum (http:/


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New prototype version released today

by Carlos Zamith on Aug.14, 2009, under Mapitol Project

We’ve launched today a new version of our site at We have made major improvements in our site, namely in the design, search engine, speed and error-proofing. The database was also updated with many hundreds of thousands of new folders and categorized sites. Still the directory is very incomplete and many functionalities of the site are not implemented. Anyway, we are very pleased with the new look and feel of the site. Please let us know what you think, all criticisms are welcome. If you have recently logged in the previous version you might get now some problems related to the stuff that was cached in the memory of your browser. Hitting Ctrl+F5 should solve these.

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Mapitol at the 8th Conference of Entrepreneurship at ISCTE

by Carlos Zamith on Jun.24, 2009, under Events

We had the opportunity of presenting Mapitol Project at ISCTE’s Entrepreneurship Conference, in Lisbon, yesterday, June 23rd. This was the 8th edition of this event that every year tries to discuss ways of breaking barriers to entrepreneurship in Portugal. There were some really interesting discussion panels with very experienced speakers. Some of the best cases of innovative start-ups were invited to present their projects, as a showcase of examples and in an attempt to bring together the entrepreneurs and the agents that can support them, namely investors. We’ve received many motivating commentaries and had a few contacts that may become important to this project.

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The word is on

by Carlos Zamith on Jun.06, 2009, under In the News

Mapitol project is being referred in some news’ websites. For now this is a result of a content published by Lusa, the Portuguese news agency. You can read them in Portugal Diário, TVI24, Diário de Notícias, Correio do Minho, Lusa Brazil, Ciência Hoje, Açoriano Oriental, …

Those articles are all in Portuguese language. Free English translation of main topics follows:

Portuguese creates the greatest web directory, soon to become “the best directory”.

Portuguese Carlos Zamith has created the greatest web directory and intends to convert it in the “best ever”, has revealed to Agência Lusa the creator of Mapitol (reads as map it all).

In the first public presentation of Mapitol, Carlos Zamith revealed to Lusa the major goals of this project, started 18 months ago, and, setting aside from the search engine concept, he puts his idea as “the reinvention of Internet”.

“What this directory has in special is its great dimension. Existing directories have tens of thousands of categories, we will have tens of millions of subjects” he explained.

Carlos Zamith, who has abandoned a 20-years career as an auditor and business manager to dedicate himself to Mapitol, refers that the idea has came from the need to find more quickly relevant information and in an instinctive manner, in a tree structure where each subject has up to 26 sub-topics and so on.

“When we want to find specific information we have the current search engines that do the work in a very efficient way. When we want to deeply study a subject or we don’t know exactly what to search for, it becomes very complicated to find what we want” he said.

The great difference of Mapitol refers Carlos Zamith, “is that we have developed a web robot that crawls the Internet and automatically categorizes all the web pages in the tree of subjects”.

The tree is structured in a way that allows the categorization to be very precise and the results being almost automatically registered, without much further revision by editors”.

In the opinion of Carlos Zamith, who expects to launch the site in the first quarter of 2010, with the objective of reaching 100 million monthly page-views, Mapitol “will not rise as something to take space from Google and other search engines”, rather as a “new tool”.

“If I want to study deeper any subject, I will know that Mapitol is the best solution, where I can find the best sites on that subject, a community of users with whom I can chat and exchange information and where I’m able to find related subjects in a structured tree. If I don’t know exactly what I’m looking for, I will have many related subjects to look into”.

The existence of a mapicode, soon to become “something like the web-equivalent of the ISBN code”, the fully-contextualized advertising, and the development of a tool that will allow parents to filter the information accessed by their children, are other innovations of Mapitol, which is oriented to all the Internet users, although restricted to English content in the first step of the project.

“Mapitol includes the concept of collaborative Internet, where users can participate and improve the site, with changes depending on the votes of the virtual community. It’s a very democratic system, and that I think will be much appreciated”.

With an investment of 200.000 Euros and 8 collaborators in the first stage, Mapitol wants, as stated by Carlos Zamith, to remain in Portugal, although the current crisis and the kind of relationship Portuguese businessmen have towards Internet may prove that to be a difficult target.

The second phase of the project involves an investment of 250.000 Euros, of a total of 1.5 to 2 million, upon completion, when it will have around 80 collaborators.

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What is Mapitol?

by Carlos Zamith on Jun.06, 2009, under Mapitol Project

Mapitol is a huge web directory. Not the same as the ones that we can find today. Imagine browsing a tree with tens of millions of subjects and find the best pages on each subject listed by relevance. You will be able to explore the Internet content just the way you do browsing the folders in your computer. Imagine also that for each subject you will find a community of people interested in the same subject. A community where you can participate, exchanging information and experiences. Where users colaborate in categorizing the subjects and decide wich are the best pages for each subject. This way, the relevance of the results are determined by the community, not by the number of occurrences of one keyword you entered in a search engine nor on the ability of sites to get high ranks on those search engines.

Mapitol is working on the idea of organizing all the information on the Internet. So, it’s an enormous task, completely impossible to accomplish. We know that, that’s why we are so proud on what we are doing. We are very proud that we are building something that will benefit millions of Internet users that every day struggle to find what they are looking for. Furthermore, we are proud that we will be able to deliver knowledge at a global range, knowing that knowledge is a pillar to the development of mankind. Yes, we put very high stakes in our work. That’s the way we know to exceed ourselves every day.

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Welcome to Mapitol Blog

by Carlos Zamith on Jun.01, 2009, under Mapitol Project

Thanks for your interest in Mapitol. We have decided to create this blog as a way to let friends and curious people in general know a little bit more about Mapitol. We want to provide a glimpse on what is going on in the project.

We will not uncover much on what we are doing. The launching of the site will be in early 2010 and before that we don’t want to create a lot of hype. We will prefer to be a good surprise for all the Internet users rather than have small disapointments due to uncontrolled expectations.

We also want to give people a way to comment on what they already know about Mapitol. As you will notice, Mapitol is all about building a large community of Internet users and your feedback is crucial to the quality of our work. Your input is very important to us. Please feel free to leave your comments, suggestions and criticism.

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